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Sub : ISO 14001 Internal Auditor Course


Really enjoyed training course. Truely learning experience. workshops, presentations, discussions were fruitful. I would like to extend my sincere gratitude for making this. 

Niwrati Patil

L & T Infotech

I am thankful to Mrs. Sheetal Salvi and entire team of BV for arrangement of Course and its related activities. It was really good.

I Greatly appreciate and Thankful to Mr. Mahesh Khemani for sharing his Knowledge and for excellent teaching Skills.

Thank you all...........................

Kind Regards,


Chandan Dalvi

 Dear Mr Zaveri,

It was a great pleasure to have been in the training program animated by you and was a privilege to have been part of it.
Look forward to pursue more training programs associated to my job profile.
Thank you very much for the knowledge/support and warmth enjoyed during the tenure of the course. 

N Nirmal Royan

Manager – Operations Technical M/s Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Company Limited

 Had very good session, Fun and good learning process. Very interesting way to train.Very nice examples. Easy to understand. Thank You

(Course : EMS Internal Auditor training course by Mr Dinesh Shetty) 

Aniket Betawadkar

Hotel Leela, Goa

 Dear Sir,
Our team response to your yesterday session is overwhelming. Your ability to explain the things in a practical way with such simplicity looked like this is what we are already doing, it is just some awareness is required to do the things in a better way. Till the last half an hour you never talked on ISO yet you had a magical touch by which you were able to explain in a more interactive way all the six standards 9K, 14K, 22K, 18K, 50K and SA8000.
Yes, we admit that this has brought a change in our team in terms of attitude, perception, confidence, communication, understanding the body language (subconsciously various gestures)  thinking Innovative and much more. I appreciate your idea to rate ourselves from 0-10, practically assess and effective communicate (a small real case study of the housekeeping of packing materials lying in the corner of our conference room) This is really an eye opener.  
Sir, we are grateful to you & Bureau Veritas and understand that we need to move ahead from here. As per your suggestion our management has immediately implemented to have one objective for each employee and greet each other with Namaste!!! (our culture). I think this is a spark required at a right time in a situation where our industry is facing a big challenge in the market.  We anticipate more interactions with you in near future and assure you all support from our team.
I salute from bottom of my heart to Shri Dinesh Shetty a true leader, patriotic and amazing personality.
With Warm Regards,

Dr Sanjay Modi

Vice President; QA- R&D, Lucid Colloids